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As a sorority sister, you are part of an elite group of women, leaders of your community and role models to young ladies in your sphere of influence. What if you could create an opportunity to empower the women around you, experience an amazing new form of power yoga, and raise money for your favorite charity all at the same time? Daliana Dance Studio is partnering with Greensboro’s only certified Buti Yoga® instructor, Becky Scoggins, to offer your sorority a free Buti Yoga® fundraising class!

So what exactly is Buti Yoga®, anyway?

Buti is an Indian Marathi word that means “a cure that has been hidden or kept secret.”

Founded by celebrity trainer and yogi, Bizzie Gold, Buti Yoga® is a new hybrid style that combines tribal dance, primal movement and plyometrics into a completely new form of power yoga. The result is an insanely fun and sexy calorie-torching practice that has Millennials flocking to studios all over the country. Spend an hour sweating, laughing, jumping, and shaking to heavy drums and bass in a supportive, non-competitive environment.

Check out this teaser video of what you can expect at a Buti Yoga® class:

Here’s how the fundraiser would work:

Your sorority would sell tickets to a 60-minute Buti Yoga® class at a price of your choosing. All monies would be collected by the sorority and donated to the charity of your choice. Daliana Dance and Becky Scoggins would also promote the fundraiser via their social media outlets. The class will be offered at no charge once the featured charity has been selected and announced. In other words, there is NO cost to you.

Have fun with planning! Some ideas for the class:

  • Create a theme for the class, such as 80’s night or Beyonce night! Becky will work with you and create a special playlist for the class!
  • Host a Buti Yoga® glow-in-the-dark class! Bring body paints and black lights and light it up! This is the most popular special Buti Yoga® class offered nationwide! The dance studio is very conducive to a black light party.
  • Create a fitness incentive for your sorority sisters! Invite them to participate in a Buti Yoga® challenge leading up to the fundraiser with rewards for the sister who loses the most pounds, inches, or other goal. Regular classes are offered every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm at Daliana Dance Studio.

Create some buzz on campus with your creativity and unique fundraising! There is no expense to you, and you’ve got nothing to lose except an opportunity to give back to your chapter’s favorite charity. If you are interested in a fundraiser class, please contact instructor Becky Scoggins at realliferealyoga@gmail.com or 336.210.2009.