athletic yoga training greensboroMany athletes might think they don’t have time to add yoga to their already intense training schedules. They may not see how ‘stretching and breathing’ would be beneficial to their regimen. Others may temporarily add yoga to their routines only after sustaining an injury. So why should athletes practice yoga regularly?

First and foremost, yoga is a critical tool in preventing injuries.

Repetitive movements in one direction or plane of motion develop certain muscle groups while neglecting others. Over time, this process creates imbalances in the body, leading to injuries. Even if athletes stretch before or after a workout, they are stretching muscles in the same direction and plane of motion as their exercise. Yoga works the body across multiple planes, including sagittal, frontal and transverse planes. This ensures well-rounded development and decreases the risk of overuse injury. Common overuse injuries in athletes include illiotibial band (ITB) injuries, as well as injuries in the knees, hamstrings, hip flexors and shoulders. These can be linked to poor flexibility or range of motion, as well as misalignment.

A well-rounded yoga practice includes dynamic flexibility training, core stabilization, strength conditioning and balance work. As a result, the body recovers faster after workouts, and tight areas in the body that hinder performance are opened and released over time. Yoga also improves range of motion, and develops mental sharpness and better concentration. That’s where REAL LIFE. REAL YOGA.™ comes in.

My program for athletes’ helps to alleviate muscle, tendon, and ligament tightness, build a stronger core, and align the spine. Athletes are able to perform better and with less injury and imbalance. REAL LIFE. REAL YOGA.™ sessions for athletes are a great way to achieve the benefits of yoga while tracking individual progress. With more one-on-one instruction, athletes get the attention they deserve. There’s no need to send them to a gym or studio to practice yoga in a crowded room full of bendy yogis at an inconvenient time. Sessions take place at your training facility or other designated space of your choice.

Each session is designed specifically for participating athletes and their level of experience and ability. They will focus on exercises for sport-specific risks, taking into consideration pre-existing conditions and peak fitness goals. Sessions can be as short as 15 minutes and as long as 90 minutes, depending on your program needs.

Choose from our many class types or I can design one for you.